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A caucasian male sits at a drum kit with a baby on his lap. The baby is holding the drum sticks.

Callum Davies


I am based in Mandurah Western Australia, I am Husband and a Father and after all those things I get to do some art.

I am very new to art in the form I am practising at the moment which is illustration and stippling. Previously I was and still am involved in playing music. From the age of 16 mainly playing drums which helped me stay active despite a serious degenerative bone condition.
I started teaching myself to illustrate in January 2020 and have found great enjoyment in the medium, I think working in 3d modelling for the last 10 years has aided in the ability I have to create detail.
I am now trying to focus my concentration on the method of stippling as I find it easy to create extremely detailed textures using this method and I don't mind if a piece takes me 40+ hours.

My brother and I also record and post our jams sessions under a YouTube channel called Cripple J (cripple jams)
My younger brother also has the degenerative bone disease that I have.

Callum's skills and achievements include

  • Stippling
  • Music - Percussion
  • Illustration
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