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Image credit: Jelina Haines


Jelina  Haines

Visual Art Educator; Designer, Video Ethnographer Researcher

Jelina’s first introduction to the art world in 1998 happened out of necessity and her longing for a sense of belonging to a new country. She immediately found solace and reassurance through her artworks. She combined the processes of contemporary and conceptual art, and with the craft-making of her unique design. Her work explores the modern fascination of raising environmental awareness and her desire to use art as a catalyst to increase gender equality and equal rights for women and cross-cultural understanding. She describes herself as a transdisciplinary combining theory, visual art, surface designing and traditional arts and culture. Her interests are in the association between Textile/Fibre sculptural wearable art and surface designing, both experimental exploration of using sustainable & recyclable materials. The beauty of Australian surroundings and her upbringing as a Filipino are the sources of her perseverance and resilience.

Jelina 's skills and achievements include

  • Freelance Cultural Weaver/Educator/Liaison & Curator
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