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A white skinned person looks to the camera. They wear red lipstick and winged eye liner and grey and black tank tops, layered. They have short auburn hair and holds their chin up in a gently confrontational manner.

Sarah Clarke


Jennifer Piper

Jennifer is curious, storytelling polymath. His work gazes adoringly at feminism, sexuality, gender and disability, as they rummage around looking for a shared identity.

JP is known for a flagrant disregard of gender, and a knack for making brutal circumstances hilarious.

She's performed for companies across Melbourne. In 2015-19, he provided mentoring and support to Melbourne Fringe and Comedy Festivals artists in City of Maribyrnong. JP’s plays A Scandal in the Weimar (with Claire Bowen) and That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine (with Belinda Campbell) are published via Australian Plays.

JP’s short films Facing the Future, Breakfast Tea, At Home with Anne Zieté have enjoyed official selection at various film festivals.

Jennifer created The Representation Hour for Triple Bi-Pass on JOY. In 2021, his chapter ‘Undyingly Queer’ appears in “Queering the Vampire Narrative.”

She's a Maribyrnong Arts Award winner (2018-19) and Queer Playwriting Awards finalist (2021).

Jennifer's skills and achievements include

  • Published Playwright (A Scandal in the Weimar, That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine) - Australian Plays
  • 'Undyingly Queer' chapter published in "Queering the Vampire Narrative" textbook
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