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a white male with an asymmetrical hair style, short cropped on one side, longer on the other. wearing a dark t-shirt with an image of Cthulhu. He is smiling quietly



Warren Loorham

Visual Artist

Woz is a visual artist. He paints many portraits, especially self-portraits, as he searches for his new identity post brain injury.

Woz mainly works in oils, but he enjoys the twists and turns of learning and exploring different mediums. He gives his demons 3D forms, sculpting them into manageable, controllable visual manifestations. Delivering some startling abstract paintings which he terms his automatic paintings, Woz is able to provide images if not the words to his inner world.

Woz started painting in 2017, five years post brain injury. He previously worked in disability equipment administration for 15 years.

His current goals centre around increasing his network and advocating in a variety of media for a more inclusive and accessible society. With strong connections within Arts Access Victoria and Brain Injury Matters, Woz is on a path of his own choosing.

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