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Image of an artist with disability and one without. Underneath is the total income per annum. The artists with disability earns on average $29,000 while an artist without disability earns $50,100.
19 February 2019

We need to close the disability pay gap for professional artists

“Real money; real jobs!” is the plea from Australia’s artists with disability, who are struggling with low income and poor job prospects as they face a widening pay gap between themselves and their peers without disability.

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On a black background, a hand holds up a microphone. In white text, it reads: #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs
8 February 2018

Where is the voice of the artists in the NDIS?

The NDIS is being hailed as the biggest social reform since Medicare. But how well are artists with disability and the arts services that support them benefitting from the change?

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25 Anniversary logo in rainbow colours on a white background.
2 December 2017

What might the world of arts and disability look like in 25 years?

This December 3rd marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations’ International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). It is a momentous occasion, and one that moves me to reflect upon Arts Access Australia’s own 25th birthday, which we also ...

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Five pairs of dancers caught in different stages of dance in a studio. In the foreground, two dancers are on the floor back to back. In the middle, two dancers face each other and lean forward. Behind them, three other pairs of dancers connect in joint poses in the background.
28 November 2017

Anna Seymour: Challenging normative perceptions of dance

Guest blogger and contemporary dancer Anna Seymour reflects on her experience co-hosting a two-hour dance workshop as part of the Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange. The workshop was co-taught with Bernhard Richarz at Uferstudios, and was followed by a...

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Sarah Houbolt stands on stage in a gold leotard. She holds a hula hoop and is posing with one arm in the air.
24 November 2017

Sarah Houbolt: From accessibility to innovation

Guest blogger Sarah Houbolt reflects on her experience at the Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange - Australia's first international disability-led festival for inclusive arts.

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A sensory station at the Call and Response workshop. Four artists interact with each other through theatre, using chairs as props. Two artists stand on top of chairs while one leans over a chair and another lies underneath. Someone holds a sign saying “Education” in English and in German.
8 November 2017

An international spotlight on inclusive arts and culture

The first Australian disability-led arts festival to be held internationally has officially wrapped up, and we are incredibly proud of what it has achieved. From drumming circles to dance and art workshops, the Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange Projec...

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