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Michelle Vine


Michelle Vine is an installation artist whose practice is centred on touch; she aims to bring awareness to this neglected sense, whilst disrupting sight’s dominance of the art experience. She focuses on the body and the gallery as sites for investigating sensory knowledge formation, using a phenomenological approach, informed by affect theory, sensory neuroscience and her lived experiences of neurodivergence and chronic illness.

Her sensual tactile installations incorporate discrete objects and embraceable soft sculptures, building them into ever-evolving tactile recreational playgrounds that tempt the body to touch and rekindle deeper connections to self through the skin. Vine works with gallery visitors’ tactile sense, and with her own, as a primary material in collaborative art making. Her goal is to create playful, positive, embodied art experiences that allow for greater inclusion for audiences of diverse ages and with diverse ages and with with disabilities or access needs.

Michelle's skills and achievements include

  • In 2020 she was selected as one of Australia’s best emerging artists in Hatched: The National Graduate Show at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA).
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