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Steph Travers

Advocate/ Lobbyist/ Consultant

Hey there I'm Steph.

I am an avid music fan, concert and theatregoer and was very active in the performing arts growing up, member of the NSW select Vocal ensemble, Australian Girls Choir, Sydney Youth Musical Theatre and Marion St Theatre. I still dabble around with my guitar for enjoyment and fully believe in the power of music and social participation to change lives.

I'm also a public speaker, and chairperson of a peer led Disability persons organisation currently living in Central Coast NSW, Australia.

I am passionate about Disability Rights, originally participating in Education reform proceedings at the tender age of 12 and now advocating on platforms of Inclusive Event Venue policy, Universal Design, Social Inclusion, Mental Health Recovery models and Supported Decision Making.

You can check out my Accessible Seating campaign and follow developments using my Facebook link.

Keep on sharing your passion for creativity and change!

Steph's skills and achievements include

  • Speaker
  • Access and Inclusion Advocate
  • Leadership
  • Mediocre Guitar enthusiast
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