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A white person with ginger curly hair and purple makeup adorned in a halo of babies breath on their bare chest. Their hair also has pieces of babies breath decorated within it, with a small branch of it tucked behind their ear. Their eyebrows have also been covered in babies breath. Their eyes are closed and are smiling. The background is white.

Marla Bishop


Marla Bishop

Fine art photographer

Marla Bishop (they/them) is an agender, disabled fine art photographer based in Boorlo, WA.

Marla is known for meticulously planning each concept and using advanced post-production techniques to take their work to a higher level of creativity. Their creative practice is collaborative, consisting of their composited fine art portrait photography being enhanced with visual art techniques such as digital illustration, fx elements, and painting by fellow LGBTQIA+ and/or disabled artists.

Marla aims to celebrate the voiceless through their artwork. They work with people from the LGBTQIA+ community to produce inclusive and collaborative work to promote visibility and awareness of those who are marginalised within society. Marla’s work also promoted disability advocacy in order to give opportunities to disabled people to become a work of art and have their stories told in a visually expressive way. Their artistic purpose is to give the disempowered the mean to be seen authentically.

Marla's skills and achievements include

  • Winner of the Over 18s Category in the WWDA LEAD Art Prize 2021
  • Selected as one of 30 artists in the 2021 Invitation Art Prize Exhibition
  • Selected as one of 15 artists in The Ability Centre/DADAA's 2021 A New Calibre Exhibition
  • Member of the judging panel for the 2021 Rainbow Calendar Competition
  • Overall winner of the 2020 South Perth Emerging Artist Award
  • Highly Commended in Capture Magazine’s Australasian Emerging Photographer of the Year (2020)
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